App Details

The Poker table view

The main view of the game shows the poker table and the dealt cards. The check, call, bet, raise and fold buttons appear when it is your turn to act.

The stack values are shown beside each players pocket cards and the pot value is shown on table. The comment lines on table above the 
dealt cards tell the state of the game for example when you need to wait for the opponent to act. Additional comments appear at the bottom of the page when you play a connected game against another iOS device.

When you select to bet or raise the bet buttons appear. There you select the amount you want to bet/raise by tapping on the coin images. The values are 5, 25, 100 and 1000 and you make your bet by using those values e.g. to bet 20 you tap four times on value five. A tap on a coin that is on the table will return it back to the coin pile.

The Menu

The Menu offers following features; start a New Game, see the Game Center leaderboards, browse/rename/delete Saved 
Games, Connect to another device over Bluetooth,see graphical presentations of the Statistics collected from games, change the audio and game
speed in Settings. Help page gives some details about the app.

Game Center leaderboards

Below the card table on the game screen there is a view that shows the records and leaderboard rankings of the player that is currently signed in to Game Center.

If you have network connection the app will prompt you to sign in when you launch the app. After that the sign in will happen automatically. The Game Center view shows the name of the currently signed in player. You can play without signing in but then you will just not have access to the leaderboards and also your records will not get reported.

There are two leaderboards; one for the highest stack the player has achieved and another for the highest average winnings recorded in any of the games. If you are signed in to the Game Center your scores will get reported every time you hit a new personal record. The average winnings will be reported only once at least 25 hands have been played in the game. This is to avoid anyone from recording a high average by just winning big in one of the first hands.

You can see the full leaderboards by tapping on the Game Center view at the bottom of the screen or by selecting Game Center from the Menu.


It is possible to establish a bluetooth connection between two iOS devices and play against another player. In order to start a Bluetooth game both players select Connect from the Menu. The application starts to search for another device and shows the opponent device name if any is detected. One of the players needs to select the opponent from the list and soon after that the other end will see an invitation. Accept the invitation and a connected game will begin.

After the connection the game will look the same as against Joe but now, instead of the bot, the opponent actions will be coming from the other device. Behind the scenes the app decides that one of the players is the dealer and after that, during the play, the other player will always need to wait for the dealer's actions when for example starting a new hand. The comment lines will tell when you should wait for the opponent and when it is your turn to act.

When the connection is established the app will check if it finds any prior games between the connected devices. If there are any the dealer will be given an opportunity to continue the game or start a new game. In order for a saved game to be resumable it must be found in both devices i.e. if one of the players deletes the game it will not be possible to continue it anymore even though the game still shows up in the other player's saved games list.

Saved games

Your games will use the game creation date and time
as the game name by default and you can browse the games in Saved Games. You can delete, rename or select to continue one of the games on the list. Connected games can only be continued after you have connected to the device the game was played against originally. When you click on the game name in the list the info lines above the list will show quick facts about the game to help you identify the game.


The application is collecting data from the events during the games. The events include for
example the player actions, pot and stack sizes and your winnings. In the statistics module the data is presented in graphical format by using line and bar charts. Select the data you want to see and a respective chart of the current game is opened. Above the chart there are left and right arrows that let you step through all your saved games and see the selected data.


The settings menu has switches for turning off the audio effects and the 
background music. There is also a slider that allows to speed up or slow down the animations in the game. The database reset is a kind of safety button in case the database gets somehow corrupted. Normally you would delete individual games from the Files in Menu but by using the reset button you can totally clear the database and delete all your saved games at one go.

This is the track that is looping on the background

Honest Joe Blues

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